The Amakela lodge is made for discerning travelers
who crave unparalleled pure Argentine hospitality.


Amakela features first-quality hunts and exceptional camaraderie amongst the team, making for a robust combination of limitless adventure, expansive experience, and ultimate, but unassuming luxury.

The lodge features seven remarkably comfortable ensuite rooms perfectly suitable for groups as large as 12. All rooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access.

How to reach us.

Hop on a plane to Santiago del Estero
1.45 hour flight from Buenos Aires
Travel 40 miles southwest
from the Santiago del Estero airport about a 45-minute car ride
Travel 40 miles southwest
from the Santiago del Estero airport about a 45-minute car ride

*Should you prefer to travel on a private plane, we have a private landing strip at the lodge.
Please contact us for more information

Why hunt with us.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable and untamed adventure in a tucked-away haven that offers a traditional Argentine experience, Amakela is the place for you.

The lodge offers a distinctive hunting program that can include individually or both big game and small game hunting. Our expert team will assist you in designing your personal hunting program.

Small Game.


The small game hunting is done in neighboring grounds 15-60 minutes from the lodge by car.


For doves, the shooting is steady all year round but for pigeons the best time is from April to July.


Our small-game target species include dove and pigeon.


The hunting is from a blind.

Big Game.


The shooting is done in the same location as the lodge.


Our big game hunting is from March through July.


Red deer, axis deer, water buffalo, blackbuck, fallow deer, European wild boars and three different kinds of sheep: European mouflon, Scottish black face and four horned ram.


The hunting can be done with the stalking method or from a blind, depending on your preference and the animal targeted.

ATH operates AMAKELA LODGE in Argentina.

Federico C. Clausen is the CEO & owner of Argentina Top Hunts with the know-how of over 17 years of experience leading teams in different hunting areas of Argentina.

Concierge Services.

Our team assists our guests in making the ideal tailored package for each hunting group. We can organize all the services you desire from arrival at the lodge until departure from the country.

We are passionate about what we offer our guests and want to ensure Amakela is the right lodge for you. So, if you have any questions or want to get in touch with us, don’t hesitate to contact us!