Small Game.


For doves, the shooting is steady all year round but for pigeons the best time is from April to July.

Target species.

Our small-game target species include dove and pigeon. We are pleased to be able to offer best in class pigeon hunting and high-volume dove shooting on lands that have no hunting pressure and competitors.

Hunting method.

For small games, the hunting is from a blind. Based on the flight patterns and shooting locations for pigeons, we pass, shoot and hunt over decoys, and try to give each group a mixture of the two pigeon hunting styles. You can also combine with big game waiting in a high seat and wild boar drives.

Where does the action happen?

The small game hunting is done in neighboring grounds 15-60 minutes from the lodge by car. You’ll find that our location at Santiago del Estero is one of the best in Argentina for small-game hunting due to the incredible abundance of fowl, guaranteeing at least 1,000 shots per hunter daily.

What guns do we offer to rent?

We have fine guns in different calibers, 30-06, 300 WM, all with Swarovski scopes and shotguns caliber 12, 20, 28 Beretta Venelli brands.

Can you bring your own?

Contact the closest Argentinean Consulate and apply for a temporary gun introduction permit if you want to bring your own gun. Once you arrive in Buenos Aires, the Airport Police and Customs will check your permit and the gun. If you prefer to avoid this, you're welcome to rent one of our guns.