Big Game.


Our big game hunting is best from March through July.

Target species.

This magnificent area offers game including top quality red deer, axis deer, water buffalo, blackbuck, fallow deer, European wild boars and three different kinds of sheep: European mouflon, Scottish black face and four horned ram in spectacular drives as well as a high seat waiting.

Hunting method.

The hunting can be done with the stalking method or from a blind, depending on your preference and the animal targeted.

Where does the action happen?

Amakela is located in the beautiful Guasayan Mountain range and the shooting is done in the same location as the lodge.

What guns do we offer to rent?

We have fine guns in different calibers, 30-06, 300 WM, all with Swarovski scopes and shotguns caliber 12, 20, 28 Beretta Venelli brands.

Can you bring your own?

Contact the closest Argentinean Consulate and apply for a temporary gun introduction permit if you want to bring your own gun. Once you arrive in Buenos Aires, the Airport Police and Customs will check your permit and the gun. If you prefer to avoid this, you're welcome to rent one of our guns.